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Some points on misogyny, misandry, patriarchy, feminism, and masculism

The following be a motley collection of points that keep rattling around in my head as I follow the current discussions around gender roles, feminism, masculism, and anti-feminist backlash.
Complex 1) Often-heard statement: There is no such thing as sexism directed towards men.Alternatively often-heard statement: sexism directed towards men is fundamentally different from sexism directed towards women, since these sexisms are merely "cloaked" versions of sexism directed towards women.Often-heard statement: Feminism has brought about the oppression of men and made them the laughing stock of humanity.Wrong, all of it. And related. (Also, I do not ever want to hear the phrase "reverse sexism" again. It's moronic. Sexism denotes prejudice or discrimination based on sex. Sexism directed towards men simply denotes sexism against men, period, no need for verbal acrobatics.)
I found an interesting paper a while ago, entitled "Down So Long. Why Is It So Hard To Explai…